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Cruizer is a Yellow Naped Amazon born(hatched?) in 1986 and hand raised by Dr. Brown. She got her name because she would climb off her cage and just cruise around the hospital. Dr. Brown used to bring Cruizer to the clinic during the week and take her back home with her over the weekend. Just like every teenager, as Cruizer got older she grew bored of being home with her mom and preferred to be at the clinic where all the action was. Currently she is the only permanent hospital resident and she likes it that way! You may have seen her through the fish tank in the lobby but more likely you've heard her at some point during your visit.  Amazons are known to have a remarkable ability to mimic human speech and other sounds and Cruizer is no exception. Her vocabulary includes words and phrases like: "Hi Cruizer", "Whatcha doin' bird?", "Hello", "Pretty little helper", "Here kitty kitty kitty", "Oh Bird", "Bye" "Mandy"(referring to a cat that Dr. Brown had when Cruizer lived with her). She can whistle at least the first couple lines of the theme song from Star Trek The Original Series and imitate a bomb dropping. She also has various laughs and screams she loves to entertain us with. Her hobbies include screaming at the top of her lungs at the most inappropriate times, climbing down off her cage and shuffling around the clinic floor to find and attack those of us she doesn't like, eating meal worms head first and spending time in small places like the bathroom or a cage where her voice echos off the walls(she loves to listen to herself).

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